How to prevent the avulsed soft tissues from wrapping around the K-wire


We read with interest this short report letter about the use of a plastic aspiration tube to prevent soft tissue entrapment during K-wire fixation. We have been using a similar technique in our practice for some time (Sabapathy et al., 2003). Instead of a plastic aspiration tube, we use the plastic protective sleeve of a hypodermic needle (after cutting one end off). This is easily available and is more rigid. We find this technique especially valuable in replantation of ring avulsion amputations. In fixation of these amputations, the sleeve must be maintained till the K-wire is withdrawn from outside the finger and clears the proximal end of the bone being fixed.

Yayına ulaşmak için tıklayın - The Journal of Hand Surg (Eur Vol). 2011